Sesame Engineering

Sesame Engineering is a division of ITRenew Inc that designs, builds, and certifies hypescale servers in various form factors for different markets - on-prem cloud, edge networking, AI and hyperscale servers to meet demands in education, medical fields, and tech startups and more!

By leveraging ITRenew’s circular business model. We can design new equipment at various form factors to meet the needs of our customers through open technologies at cheaper price points.

The Sesame engineering team are committed believers of open collaboration. We work closely with the ecosystems that help enable us and are always looking for new partners that will help enable our hardware.

The Sesame Discovery is our flagship project that is the basis of our commercial product - Sesame Fast-Start.

Stop by our chat we would love to meet you all! :-)

You can also mail us at - we would be delighted to handle any inquiries.

Open Source/Collaboration Ecosystems that we work with:

Open Compute Project and its various subprojects:

Open System Firmware


SONiC and ONiE

Cloud Native Computing Foundation

The Linux Foundation

Our contributions range from contributing fixes to system firmware, enabling older platforms, providing hardware for testing frameworks - or even providing leadership on specific issues. We also write near metal management software that that all have open licenses.

For Sesame, open collaboration is the most sustainable way to maintain re-certified hardware for the long term. With the help of community we can keep silicon away from landfills for longer, find new ways to re-use hardware, and work with other green companies to help make a better place for future generations to come.