Welcome to the GNOME stand!

Learn about the latest developments in the GNOME desktop environment! At the GNOME booth, you can check out live demos of GNOME 3.38 and GTK 4, get help using GNOME, and learn more about paid GNOME internship opportunities. During our themed chat hours, you'll be able to engage and talk directly with GNOME developers, designers, Board of Directors members, Foundation staff, and other community members. Ask us your questions or just pop in to say "Hi" and chat! Take a look at our chat schedule below to see what our topics are and when you can join them.


People visiting our stand will have the opportunity to meet GNOME members and fellow Community members, discuss new features, address questions, issues, or hang out. No prior experience using GNOME is needed, and people who are looking for new contribution opportunities are more than welcome!

Grab some digital GNOME SWAG! Find downloadable sticker art and badges at gnome.org/online-swag.

Chat Schedule

Saturday, February 6th
10:00-11:00 Meet Executive Director Neil McGovern
11:00-12:00 General Chat Time
12:00-13:00 General Chat Time
13:00-14:00 GTK
14:00-15:00 General Chat Time
15:00-16:00 Newcomers
16:00-17:00 Meet the Foundation Staff
17:00-18:00 GNOME Events
Sunday, February 7th
10:00-11:00 GNOME Circle
11:00-12:00 General Chat Time
12:00-13:00 General Chat Time
13:00-14:00 GTK
14:00-15:00 Internships with GNOME
15:00-16:00 Meet the Foundation Board of Directors
16:00-17:00 Meet the Engagement Team
17:00-18:00 Panels with Community Engagement Challenge Participants

* All times are in CET (UTC +1)


FOSDEM may be online this year, but that isn't stopping us from hosting GNOME Beers! Join us Saturday February 6 at 18:00 UTC on our Big Blue Button server for this social event.

Learn more at events.gnome.org.

Contribute to GNOME

There are many ways to get involved in GNOME and many different projects to contribute on. The best place to get started is by visiting gnome.org/get-involved.

Another great way to contribute to GNOME is by donating! Your donations help fund projects like GTK 4.0, GNOME internships, and events like GUADEC. Learn more about how you can help support GNOME by visiting gnome.org/support-gnome.

Learn More about GNOME

Let us know you're interested! To learn more about all things GNOME (news, events, sponsorships, and support) fill out this short form and we'll get in touch.


Don't miss out on picking up your GNOME gear this year! We've moved our t-shirts and other GNOME items to an online shop. Visit shop.gnome.org for more information.

Welcome to the GNOME stand

GNOME in 2021

We are proud of everything GNOME has accomplished 2020! Here are a few of our accomplishments:

  • GTK team completed their 10-year development of GTK 4 and launched it with a virtual release
  • GNOME 3.38 went live in September with a new welcome tour and many improvements and updates
  • Launched GNOME Circle, a new way to support and champion the great software available for the GNOME platform
  • Launched our inaugural Community Engagement Challenge, asking teams from all over the world to submit their ideas on how to reach a new generation of open source coders!
  • Participated in Outreachy, Google Summer of Code, and Season of Docs
  • Reimagined GUADEC, GNOME. Asia, and Linux App Summit (partnered with KDE) as fully remote events
  • Implemented new remote systems, like GNOME Meet
  • Hosted first ever GNOME Onboard Africa Virtual and remote onboarding event in Paraguay

Some of the things we're looking forward to in 2021 include our GNOME 40 realease, GUADEC, GNME.Asia, and Linux App Summit, as well as many more hackfests and social events, and selecting our final Community Engagement Challenge winner.