FOSDEM 2021 Stands Submission

FOSDEM 2021 is not going to be the same as FOSDEM 2020 but we still wish to provide free and open source projects the opportunity to display their work and interact with the wider free and open source community.

As this edition is completely different from the ones before, the stands process has undergone some changes.

We offer you:

  1. A position on a special stands website (active during the event) for you to introduce your project. We will organise the stands per theme.
  2. Hosting for a webpage and several short videos where you can introduce and demonstrate your project and show people the latest features, discuss your roadmap etc.
  3. A chatroom facility to allow visitors to interact with you. (Details will be confirmed closer to the event.)

To get this organised, we'll require some extra information from you in your submission, and possible also during the preparation of the conference. More specifically, you'll have to provide:

  1. An introduction (aim for around 10 lines) of your project.
  2. An overview (aim for around 15 lines) of the "hot new thing" in your project, or what we can expect from you next year.

Both of these will be used for the overview page of the website. You'll still be able to write whatever you like in your corner of the website, this is only intended for the overview and table of contents.